Creating something is intriguing. It has been my life's goal to express myself in a form of an art.

Camera is a tool. It helps me to shine my creativity and go beyond. I'm getting closer to my life's goal everyday, by holding a camera on my hand, looking through that viewfinder and reliving the moments that I capture. In every frames, there is a life that is lived forever.

I love to capture the moments of the people who want to relive that moment. I put all my effort and passion to what I do and I really hope I can reach out to more people to share this passion.

I am a married man, working hard and playing hard with rather naughty (but with a kind soul) son who tells me that he misses me when I go away to work. Of course, sometimes, I'm not quite sure if he misses me or the delicious treats I bring coming back home. But I am a proud father of a son.

I have a heart to feel the emotions, eyes to see the moments and fingers to capture. I have a passion to share them and a set of skills to provide. I wish I can be there capturing the most important moment in your life, to relive it, forever.

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Born in Seoul, Korea.
Moved to New Zealand in 1994.
Freelance Photographer since 2002.
Studied Lv6 Professional Photography at CPIT in 2008.
Silver Award in NZIPP iris competition 2008 Students/Assistants.
Exhibition by CreativeNZ in 2008