Luke Lee

The Photographer

I observe the life people are carrying over their shoulders. I put my feet in their shoes and think what kind of life it would be. Then I take my camera in my hand, juggling on my hands, trying to figure out if it will be the scene I would be in my life.

Timing is now, light is in the right position. My camera is ready.

It’s time to take a shot.

I am Luke, the Photographer.

I have pursued photography and videography as a way of expressing myself. It is kind of a language that every human being shares in the world.

I document what is important in the moment. The moment you may remember, as you would want them to be remembered. Not everything is beautiful story, but everything is meaningful.

Story I would like to show is truth, reality and what would be stored in your hearts than in your brains.

Documentary Wedding Photography
Documentary Family Photography
Travel Photography

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Born in Seoul, Korea.
Moved to Christchurch, New Zealand in 1994.
Freelance Photographer since 2002.
Diploma of Professional Photography,  2008.
Silver Award in NZIPP iris competition 2008 Students/Assistants.
Participant in Exhibition sponsored by CreativeNZ
Getty Image Contributor