Ongoing crisis... starting the year 2013 / by lukeleenz


The year has not been generous for me.... so far.

As the year started, I started getting some serious pain in my mouth. Didn't realise until I had to take a tooth out. I had wisdom teeth.... 3 of them to be exact.

Problem was, because I have such a small mouth, my toothbrush never got to the wisdom teeth which were hidden at the far back. All 3 of them were decayed to such degree that, I was no more able to ignore the pain came from them.

Top right one was the easiest one. It only took 3 minutes for the dentist to pull it out. And so was the one on the left bottom. Although it was growing side way, it already destroyed the molar beside it, so the dentist had no problem pulling out.

But the right bottom one was the worst of all. It was hidden right next to the molar and was drilling a hole from the side. It was also rotten quite a bit. It was small, but nasty. Dentist admitted it was the worst case that they would prefer not to see.

Whole process of getting rid of 3 wisdom teeth took me all 3 weeks. And the last one, after 3 days of pulling the last one out, I started getting this horrible pain on my whole right side of face. They called it, "dry socket". I had no !@#!@$!#% idea how much that would hurt. And you know what the worst part is? It takes time to heal. Yeah. no medicine will make this pain go away. I was taking high dose ibuprofen, 30ml of codeine (60ml if really bad) and some antibiotics along with neuromol and etc depends on how bad it was. I could barely work and had really hard time focusing. Hell, I had hard time doing anything. Even just living had no purpose while I was in that pain. It was just that horrible.

It took about a week and a half till the pain went away. But no, it wasn't totally over. Right after the dry socket pain was gone, My right bottom molar number 2 decided to be abscessed. That's right! Another set of pain started. Because of the last wisdom tooth, it had a big hole that we had to fill it up, and one side of the bone never really grew. It was unstable and now was abscessed.

I ended up getting more antibiotics.

The whole thing is my story of February. That's how my February of 2013 went. Gone. Just like that. No idea what I was doing all that time.

Now that March is up and going, I am starting to feel like myself. Looking for new places to visit, places to travel around. But my teeth story keeps going. I still gotta take care of the left bottom molar number 2 that got destroyed by the wisdom tooth, either to completely pull it out, or to keep it and put a crown on it (it may be too late to save. Gotta see the specialist to confirm).

Just pulling out those teeth cost me close to 2K already. And the bad news is, it's not over yet.

But hey, at least, I don't feel as bad as I was feeling back in February. It's almost at the end of the dark tunnel.... well, it maybe too early to tell.... but, hey it seems end is near... for now.