Wedding with only Fujifilm X-Pro1 / by lukeleenz

It seems every single wedding I do is so unique. And they are. This time, after fair bit of discussion with the couple, we decided to go a new route. A way that I never dared to take. After all these years of using DSLR, especially full-frame high-end DSLRs, We've decided to go light, only Fujifilm's X-Pro1 and 2 lenses, 18mm f2 and 35mm f1.4.

Results? Well, you can see from below. It was fantastic! It was a joy to use with one major drawback, but we'll get to it later.

Well, I'm not gonna lay out all wedding story here, but probably focus more on how I coped with my gears.


Colour reproduction of this camera is just amazing. It's colours pop in such a natural ways that I could never achieve straight from camera. I needed very small amount of time adjusting from the computer. In fact, most images were barely re-touched.


Especially 35mm shines. It's bokeh is just so smooth and creamy. It's like it's built for weddings and portraits.



Well, I love wide angles. That was why I got 18mm lens first when I bought the system. It's just more natural to me. Focusing is super fast (compared to 35mm lens) and you don't notice much of distortion, not that it bothers me anyway.




I used to do events before I started weddings. I was so used to bursting few hundred shots in a few minutes just to get the right moment. I used to have one of the fastest camera in the market to keep myself satisfied with speed and buffer. Now, fuji's X-Pro1? This is not a fast camera. Focusing is dead slow compared to my old D3s. It takes ages to lock on the target and it hunts again when you release and press the shutter again, but hey, you still get 6 fps for about couple of seconds. It's great as long as you don't hold the shutter down until the buffer gets filled up. After buffer is full, you're stuck for a while.



You gotta find a well lit target to focus on to. It hunts pretty bad even in daylight. I got frustrated number of times during the shooting. It was good though, to have rather relaxing slow paced wedding photo shoots. I seemed, after using X-Pro1, all other weddings I did before felt to rushed. It's probably because I got the shot done much quicker and moved on. Where with X-Pro1, I gotta carefully focus, re-checked the focus couple more times, re-frame, check the focus again, and then shoot.... then check the focus from the review. But during the time, I was able to talk to the couple and their friends and relatives. It's great to interact with them.


Low light capability of X-Pro1. I never expected such a high capability from a cropped APS-C sized sensor. I was easily using up to ISO 3200. OK... I'm not too concerned about noisy photos as long as I can get the shot. But compared to other DSLRs withAPS-C sized sensors that I used before, this was mind blowing. In fact, I felt it was producing something similar to my Nikon D800. Well.... close enough I thought.

LukeLee-130302-009 ISO 1600

LukeLee-130302-010 ISO 3200


Well, I loved the whole day. Thanks to the camera, the whole day was kind of slow paced. My shoulder never got tired, although, I normally use BlackRapid's dual sling strap which helps handling too. I just don't like these normal camera straps anymore. Changing lens was kinda pain. I think I'm now used to having 2 cameras for wedding. It's just me being lazy. I was so surprised and happy with the result X-Pro1 delivered.


Will I do this again? I don't know. Frustration I had with it's focusing was pretty bad. I mean, I liked that it forced me to have more time shooting, but hey, I'm the photographer here, not the camera. I should be telling camera what to do not the other way around!

At the moment, I'm thinking of selling all my fuji gears. Not because I don't like them. After careful consideration, even with great results, it didn't really go well with me after all.

I gotta say though, I will be missing this beauty.