First time in weeks to hold a camera / by lukeleenz

20130428-0003-Edit It's been weeks... WEEKS! since I've held a camera on my hand. I just couldn't. Not because I felt compelled or anything like that. I physically couldn't hold anything on my right hand.

It was probably the first time I complained "why is there no lefty camera?"

I had an allergic reaction to the medical tape my physicist used for tendinitis on my right wrist. I had it on about a day and a half and took it off as it was getting itchy. It seemed to be OK for about a week.

Nobody confirmed it, but I'm 100% sure it had something to do with weather. Because my day job requires me to be outside no matter how the weather is, I had to walk around the wettest days in the year with soaked clothings and gloves on me. I was stinking after work.

After that week, I started having blisters all around the place where I had the tape on. It was red, hot to touch, itchy, sharp pains like pins and needles and was swollen up like crazy. Although my four fingers were all good, they were also swollen up because the wrist was so badly blistered, blood flow to the hand wasn't normal.

I couldn't pick up a pen to write something. I couldn't type stuff on my keyboard, I couldn't use chopsticks. Heck, I had hard time using spoons and forks.

After the horrible week, it started to get better. I used aloe vera gel, steroid cream, antihistamine pills etc, etc. It's not 100% yet. I still have the marks and pimples just stopped popping up from underneath the old dried up blisters. I'm hoping by next week, I'll be all good again.


I'll have time to take my camera out and do some casual 'love-life' photo shoot outs. Love life photos. That's what I call snap shots by the way.