Sony A99 at High Speed / by lukeleenz

Everyday I'm enjoying Sony's A99 more and more.The camera makes me want to be involved a little more into Sony's camera gears and want to venture a bit further in. I'm still on the fence but more and more I'm turning from Nikon and I don't know if I will be missing Nikon gears at all. It's been just that good.

During the engagement session, I ran into bunch of people who were longboarding through the Summit Road. It looked so much fun and I asked them to take some photos.

This was the first time I was going to do fast action with Sony A99. Great opportunity to put it's auto tracking focus accuracy and speed to the test. Oh and the high speed shooting and buffer size.


After the first boarder, I immediately realised some points.

1. Focusing points are very close together. AF-D capable lens will have so much more coverage (My lens wasn't AF-D capable) 2. AF-C is pretty good. Comparing to Canon and Nikon. 3. Zoning AF points is great, but I guess I will be happy with complete auto tracking with full zone af mode. 4. Buffer is bloody small. I gotta time it right to do about 3-5 bursts at a time.

Few points I had to get over coming from Nikon. Nothing really kills the experience.

Here are some settings I use for high speed shooting; 1. No review. I don't review. I didn't with Nikon, I won't be with Sony, especially with EVF. 2. High frame (6 fps) with small bursts at a time. But shouldn't do them more than 3-4 times. Buffer fills quickly. 3. Shutter priority mode if action is more important that anything. Not all the time though.

Overall, I was happy with the experience. I had fun and camera handled the situation pretty well. Never missed a focus during the shoot unless the subject was out of the frame. (this will be my fault...)

Some more images below.

LukeLee-130825-0002 LukeLee-130825-0003 LukeLee-130825-0005 LukeLee-130825-0006 LukeLee-130825-0007 LukeLee-130825-0009 LukeLee-130825-0011 LukeLee-130825-0012