Sony Portable Flash HVL-F60M / by lukeleenz

As I'm digging more into Sony's camera gears, buying a pro-grade flash is quite a basic step. At least for me.It just arrived today, so I haven't had a chance to play around with it much. But for handling and feel to touch, I quite like this. I like the pouch it comes with. Also all the accessories. Pouch is quite high quality. No zipper opener on the main cover. It will be great in quiet events when I decide to stop using flash. I can quietly tuck it in.

Head moves smoothly but without button to unlock the movement like Nikon's flashes. It moves freely but with a bit of force. I will have to hold the head firmly to move otherwise I feel I may break the joint.

Base is very wide and sturdy which is great. It would have been great if the base had metal thread at the bottom. The whole thing is plastic and no matter what they say, plastic is not as hard.


Overall, I quite like it. I will put it to the test very shortly.


First shot with the flash.

HVL-F60M Sony A99v Sony VG-C99AM Sony AF 50mm F1.4

All hot sony gears. Cool.