New season, new gears update, new changes, etc / by lukeleenz

LukeLee-130907-0001-4 I get quite nervous when the new season gets started. I set my gears up and go over them for a few days and try them on me test them out, making sure everything is in place. Especially, this season is quite important as I am testing out a lot of new gears.

Pretty much all my gears are being changed;

1, I've changed my camera system, from Nikon to Sony. It's a bold move. Wedding photographers are mostly using Canon or Nikon gears and to be out of those two brands means that I will have to convince my clients harder to show that it's not my camera delivering the photos, it's my creativity that will effect the final product. But, it's TRUE!

2, Changed camera strap. Still dual sling style, but I left BlackRapid's dual sling system into Holdfast Gear's MoneyMaker. I'm still getting used to it so can't make any comment on this product, but one thing. This looks so much better than the BlackRapid! I've had so many people coming up to me and saying how impressive the styling of the strap was. I'm sure it wasn't me. I'm not the best looking guy out there..!

3. Changed carrying style. I used to carry nothing but the cameras on the straps. It was always hard to carry extra lenses or flashes unless I attach them somewhere on me. Now, I've got Undfind's Waistshooter bag that is attached to my belt. I'm fashioning something rather easier way than attaching them on my dress belt. But it's great how the bag feels, how good it looks even with formal dress code, and that I can have a bag on me all the time and not get pulled down all the time.

4. Left ThinkTank's memory card wallet at home and took Undfind's fishbomb. It was good enough to carry enough memory cards for the day, plus, I had a place to put the lens caps, other than my pants pocket. So far, I'm loving it so much, I will be getting 2 more later when I put another order.

5. I cut my hair short. Awfully unsettling, especially when doing wedding photography. For some reason, I always had longer hair when I was in the wedding season.

So, for next few months, I will be testing out these gears and post how I feel about these. That is of course if I don't get clustered with thousands of photos.