My work bench / by lukeleenz

DSC_0052_7 Here's a brief look of my work bench taken by my trusty Sony Xperia Z (it's not the best camera phone out there)

It's nothing fancy but it's a place where I mount lenses, test out new gears and lay them out. There are pens, flashes, grips, cameras, mount adapters, batteries, lens caps, etc.

However, important note is that, I've completely swapped my gears to Sony now and I'm testing the field.

I've successfully tested out Sony's A99 from last wedding and was very happy with it. In fact, I also had Sony's A900 as a backup to test out the system. I was on the fence for a backup, between A900 and A77. In the end, for weddings, I figured bigger sensor size will play better. Not that it's better in quality or anything, the feel of the image is so much richer with full frame DSLRs. It's just the feel of it, you know. I don't know, it feels less digital to me with full frame.

So now I have Sony's A99 as a main camera and A900 as a secondary. I am still looking out for another backup as my wife will be tagging along with me for a few weddings as my backup/assistant from now on.

Sony system is quite decent. I am loving EVF since I can use manual lenses so much easier with focus peaking.

I gotta say, Sony A900 has more classical SLR feel, with it's bright OVF and very straightforward and sort of mechanical feel with its controls, whereas A99 has more digital feel, with it's very electrical VF and somewhat sluggish digital control with a bit of lag when changing settings (such as shutter speeds, aperture, exposure, etc). It lags a bit and after furious dialling, you will need to wait and see where I am with the settings.

But I'm still learning with Sony's system. There are many work arounds I have to think as it's got different working mechanism from Nikon. I have to learn how to make the best out of this system. Wedding is a fast paced work and I gotta be familiar with my gears to react to quickly changing environment.

But hey, I don't call myself an Early Adopter for no reason. Adopting to new system is my Speciality! HAHA