Asahi Takumar 135mm f3.5 / by lukeleenz

Hidden jewel One of the great things about Sony's EVF is that, you can use manual lens so much easier than you could with conventional DSLRs.

Previously, when using DSLRs with their OVF, you just had to squint your eye to see if you got the right focus or not. For some models, you could see a focus confirmation dot at the side of the finder information bar, but it wasn't always accurate and you still couldn't tell where the focus was until you've taken the shot and review the photo.

With Sony and their EVF, it's so much easier. As contrast becomes clearer at the edges of the subject, it lids up in a colour that you selected and you got the focus just like that. You just gotta find a fine edge where you will clearly see the contrast difference when it's in focus.

Oh, One important point though if you want the SteadyShot feature be activated. You need a mount adapter with AF confirmation chip. I got that chipped mount adapter so it shows on the camera that f-value is at f1.7. It's because the chip is for 50mm f1.7 lens. I can manually change f value on the lens and shutter speed from the camera so there's no problem using it. Plus I get to have Anti-Shake built in Manual lens!


When I took the shot above, focus peaking showed that Sony logo and the edges of the lens mount was in focus. And it was right!


Here's how it looks on A99 on my work bench.

Well, I won't be having vertical grip on A99 all the time but I just leave it there when at home.

It looks a bit silly I think, but works so nicely. I will be taking this set up out and see how it works on the field. But the weather forecast says it will rain for the whole week. Pray that it won't!