VSCO Cam for Android! / by lukeleenz

I've started my smartphone life with iPhone 3Gs. It's a while ago now. It was such a great device, I enjoyed every bit of it. I loved how I can keep in touch with every emails anywhere I want, I loved I can bring up the maps and find out exactly where I am or where I'm supposed to go, I loved the fact that I have a rather trusty snap camera with me all the time, even though it doesn't have the best quality.

Time has changed now and pretty much everybody has one of these, mostly much better than iPhone 3Gs. Some of these new phones have such a great quality cameras, they put some of old DSLRs in shame.

I am now an android user, just because I have bigger screen and better control over many things that are not apple. (Google instead) I am currently using Sony's Xperia Z for it's waterproof design. I love it. I use it in any weather condition, whether it's wet or not. For instance, I had a hiking to a small track on a crazy wet day only couple of days ago. I took this phone with me and took a photo against this huge waterfall just spraying the water all over me. I got soaked down to my underpants and had to change and have hot shower as soon as I got back. But the phone, still working fine no problem what so ever.

However, this post is not about the phone.

Before the tracking, I got this message, saying that I can now be using VSCO cam as a beta tester! Now I'm using VSCO Cam as my main camera app!

I used this app from my wife's iPhone and loved it. Few quirks here and there but I found some kind of quirks in all camera apps. I just love the feel it gives when I shoot and edit. Such a great experience.

Now for the android phones, this app has a bit of difference I found. It's a bit slower. Slower than my wife's iPhone 4. Hardware wise, my Xperia Z creams iPhone 4 and more. But for some reason, there's a bit of sluggishness with this app. Probably because it's not properly coded for my phone. Probably it will have much better experience with HTC One, Galaxy S3 or Galaxy S4, the phones they've listed as being supported for beta testing.

Some people hates VSCO or their likes of film emulations. I agree on most parts but I also think that, some just works. Especially like these phone cameras. They are not made for professional grade cameras, rather as everyday snap cameras. They are meant to be fun and creative. And I think film emulation is one of the things that we can just enjoy. Such a great tool I think especially for smartphone cameras.

I really hope they bring this out publicly soon and let every other android shooters have experience with this. I just love it. I've been using Snapseed for quite a while. Big downside with it in android is that, it resizes the photo quite a lot and sometimes I feel a bit uncomfortable because of that. Some photos I don't want to risk downsizing. It's funny because Snapseed for iOS doesn't have that. You'd think Google will implement much better supports over android apps but it's the other way around at this time.

For now, I think I'll be using VSCO cam for a while. I love their Grid gallery too.

I set one up myself.

Now I've only just started and will be filling up the gallery as the time goes.

Here it is: lukeleenz.vsco.co

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset