My new daily backpack, f-stop loka / by lukeleenz

LukeLee-131019-001 I'm always on the look out for better ways to handle my gears. Backpack is another thing I have been scratching my head just because I couldn't get something I like. I've been reading a lot of reviews and product details, I'm sure I've memorised important spec lists of these new backpacks.

One of the backpacks I was eyeing on for a while was this one, Loka from f-stop gear. It's from a company based in U.S. They have very interesting camera storage style with their unique modular system, and have multiple pockets I can use. One thing I'm not fond of is how many straps are around with this bag. But given that it's mountaineering style backpack, it's not really a daypack use for urban travelling.

I found a reseller based in NZ, and bought one. It sounds simple but I had about 2 months of decision making, going back and forth whether I should buy this one or not. Now that I've made my decision, I'm happy that I made this purchase.

It wasn't a cheap bag. It was rather very expensive. Since I'm not much of a mountain person, I probably have less use of this sort of bag, but big storage and ability to hold more gears in the bag is a big plus.

I think it's still a bit early to do anything of a review but so far, I'm very happy and indeed am using everyday. Yeah, as an urban traveller.