Trip to Arthur's Pass / by lukeleenz

It's been a long time since I've taken a trip.Without travelling to a new place, I go so groggy and loose focus in life. It's like... water in the dessert. I need to move to places. If it wasn't a marriage, I probably ended up not settling anywhere as a wondering soul. I still think it's not a bad idea.


Anyway, Took a day off and found a free weekend finally! Then, packed my bag, on to the road!

To Arthur's Pass.

It's a small village before going over southern alps from the east side. Not many people really stay here long because it's, well, very tiny. Not a place you would stay because of great food or because it's party central. You would stay here long if you love skiing or snowboarding, or if you love hiking.

I am neither. I hate skiing or snowboarding becauseĀ I hate the idea of putting something under my feet that I can't control. And I hate hiking because I never enjoyed going upwards ever since I was a kid.

But people change. I've tried snowboarding in my twenties (still suck. like I said, I hate the idea), and I started trying hiking. I walk at least 10km everyday so how bad is it going to be anyway?

Well, it rained. Throughout our 2 nights stay. Just beautiful. I finally got some days off to get off my butt to actually be off somewhere and it rains. But hey, that wasn't going to stop me. It may stop my wife, but not me.


Here's my backpack in action for the first time. If it wasn't the rain, I would have taken this pack to the falls, but it was too wet and I had no use of the bag.

I put peakdesign's capture clip on the strap. I didn't realise it was going to flatten the strap padding. I've taken it off now. I'm thinking I'll attach the clip on the side maybe. Belt is still the best option though, I think. It is still a great device that I haven't found optimal way to utilise it just yet. Anyway, I've supported from the kickstarter for capture pro 2, and it's here! I haven't unpacked though, so unpacking will be posted soon.


Well, we didn't have much choice for food either. I needed coffee rather badly, and my wife and I don't drink, by choice. My wife just doesn't like it, and for me, it never did me good with my health.

The cafe we went to, had decent range of food, only still, they are more of snacks. Of course there's lunch menu too, but we don't really go for overpriced meals when we travel. I wasn't ready to pay something like 16 dollars for a gourmet burger. It's like a month ago but I'm still not ready.

Instead, I enjoyed the coffee, which was rather nice. And my pregnant wife enjoyed a juice. And enjoying the view of the road with New Zealand's native bird kea cleaning it's bottom.


Well, it rained constantly and got worse over the night. It was so heavy and strong, the noise woke us up number of times.

But I still managed to get myself out and do some photo shoot walk up to the falls.

The weather's bad, but you know what? Rainy days give you really high contrasty images. And I love contrast. It's colourful and powerful. Something I like. Rough and strong images.


There and back again, devil's punchbowl falls. If you are planning to go on a trip through Arthur's Pass. I suggest you stop over (maybe not overnight) and pay a visit to the falls. It's pretty huge and something to look at. It only takes about 30-40 minutes to go and come back, even for someone like me who hates walking upwards.