some things you cannot forget / by lukeleenz

Some things you just can't let go. It keeps coming back to you no matter what you do to forget it. It haunts you whenever you get in such situations that reminds you of the time before.

I've used a lot of cameras in my past and there are only handful of cameras I really liked and bought again just because I couldn't resist. One of them was Nikon D700. I bought it twice and both times I enjoyed it. Everytime I sold it, I rooted for something better but always came back with an excuse of a reliable backup.

This time, it's Fujifilm X-Pro1. I loved it and hated it when I used it. I even had a few weddings with this camera. Evethough I loved it's ergonomic and image quality, I was quite hesitant about giving up the convenience of DSLR gears. I still am a bit, but after having a few health issues this year (tendinitis on right wrist to pick the most impacting for photography life), I started thinking about smaller but quality gears again.

While I love the idea and implementation of Sony's brand new A7 and A7R, lens selection lacks too much to make a change. And for some reason, I'm not much into using adapters.

So here it is again, got myself a secondhand set of Fujifil. X-pro1 and 18mm f2 and 35mm f1.4 lenses. It's not updated to firmware version 3.0 yet, so I'm expecting a huge boost in af.

Another happy day for a gearholic!