Fujifilm updates X-Pro1 Firmware again! / by lukeleenz

And there, they've done it again.When they updated their old X100, I made up my mind to go with Fujifilm.

Their lens lineup, although not all perfect yet, is forming up to be great especially to us photographers. It seems they understand our needs. I already love their 35mm f1.4 and it's almost permanently attached to my X-Pro1. But with their new firmware update, It's like a completely new camera.


When updated, camera was reset to default. I had to set it back to my preferred setting from setting the date and time, to RAW and auto ISO and etc.

Here are major changes stated in fujifilm website;

  • 1.Improve the cover range and accuracy of the bright frame in the OVF
  • The cover range of the bright frame displaying the shooting area in the optical viewfinder has been improved so that a field of view closer to the actual image can be checked. By maintaining the position of the bright frame with parallax compensation during AF lock, the shooting area can be checked even when letting go of the shutter release.* When use AE-L/AF-L button with the setting of "AF LOCK ONLY" or "AE/AF LOCK" in AE/AF-LOCK BUTTON in SHOOTING MENU.
  • 2.See the exposure setting in live-view and histogram
  • The images and histogram will reflect current exposure levels (with the shutter speed and aperture set during manual exposure also displayed on the image). In scenarios where the live view and the final shot will appear differently, eg: when using flash, this setting can be turned off.
  • 3.Aperture and shutter speed can be changed once AE lock is selected
  • The aperture or shutter speed can be changed while maintaining exposure (EV value) with the AE lock button. The photographer has the ability to tweak settings down to the very last moment before shooting.
  • 4.The default and maximum sensitivity and minimum shutter speed can be set when ISO AUTO is selected
  • When selecting "AUTO" in the ISO setting, users can also set standard ISO, Maximum ISO and a low-speed shutter limit. The low-speed shutter limit has been extended to 1/500 seconds.
  • 5.New functionality allowing you to edit image file names
  • An image file name (DSCF***) is automatically allocated to each picture when shooting, this can now be changed to your file name of choice.* This added functionality is useful when organizing the images after shooting, and sorting the images into groups.

And here are my thoughts to the changes;

  1. Not sure. I've stopped using OVF for a while now.
  2. It's sick! Although I haven't paid attention in the first place, I get additional info for nailing the exposure.
  3. I've different methods over different situations for AE lock. And I prefer not changing settings when it's locked. It's my habbit. This change is probably much anticipated to many photographers, but myself, I never bothered to change settings when AE lock enabled.
  4. Personally, the best change in this firmware. AUTO ISO settings. Beautiful. I can finally set minimum shutter speed. It can be quite minor thing but I know many photographers were craving for this, including myself.
  5. This is also quite minor change. I guess more personalization over the camera, but I change file names when I import them into Lightroom anyway.

Overall, this is one of the best firmware updates in the history of firmware updates for digital cameras I think. I can't wait to utilize the changes in real shooting, and already looking forward to the next firmware update, what kind of changes it will bring.