Happy Holidays Everyone! / by lukeleenz

LukeLee-131220-005 Yup, this is my picture of the holiday season 2013.

I love it's timeless retro feel. The radio perfects the image I think.

Christmas tree sort of gives the holiday feel, and the retro old style radio (that actually was working!) perfects the atmosphere. Plus don't forget the odd tissue which all hospitals need.

FYI, I didn't go to the hospital because of anything bad. We are having our first baby in 2014 and my wife needed an ultrasound scan.

I know, my 2014 will be quite different and exciting. I've already lined up few jobs and couple of personal projects. I'm hoping there'd be no interference I had this year (infections, allergic reactions, etc). I'm also hoping I'd get more work done and really step up with my creativity.

Oh, one more thing. I really hope that I would travel somewhere I've never been before during the year 2014. It would be hard with a new born baby but, no harm in hoping right??

Happy holidays everybody! I got weddings through out the holiday weekends so it'll be busy for me, but will be happy busy! Creative busy!