I'm occupied / by lukeleenz

LukeLee-140225-001 I've been occupied with very important personal matter. I can't even recall how time has passed for last few weeks. It's been quite comfy lately and then, it happened all of a sudden during the night. And after 47 hours of agonising pain and frustration, he came to the world.


Little Jeremiah.

As happy as I am, I am tired and sleep deprived. Nothing bad but time is just flying by.

Thanks to my little boy, I've missed the first shipment of Fuji X-T1 batch. Haha. It's not a big deal. My trusty X-Pro1 works just fine.

Also, my right wrist tendinitis is not healing at all and seems it won't be if I don't take care myself. I am still fixed with the idea of moving towards mirrorless camera setup.

I will be back on my normal daily routine by next week, so let's see how I can cope with my baby's needs and my needs..!!