Fujifilm XF 10-24mm F4 OIS / by lukeleenz

Got myself a new toy..! _DSF3811

Yes, it's a new lens. Fujifilm XF 10-24mm F4 OIS

So, the story is like this; I've asked around to see if the shop had either 14mm or 10-24mm lens. Shop replied they only have 14mm and 10-24mm hasn't been released yet in New Zealand. So naturally I put my name down for 14mm. Then, the next day, I show up in the shop and surprise, 10-24mm arrived in the morning.

I had a chance to play with both 14mm and 10-24mm on their X-T1 on the shelf. Both were great to handle, very nicely built and wonderfully wide. When it was mounted on X-T1, 14mm was quite nice like having a small wide manual prime lens. Even more so when that auto-manual focusing clutch was pulled for manual focusing. 10-24mm on the other hand, seemed quite heavy at the front. I saw some articles over the net that this lens is very well balanced. Well, to be honest, I thought it was a bit on the heavy in the front.


It balanced well on X-T1 with grip on, but without? I didn't quite feel comfortable. Weight was a bit off for me.


Handling wise, for those who still(!?) have their DSLRs and tried many third party lenses around, this felt quite like when I had Sigma's 15-30mm lens on Nikon D700. I'm not saying it was bad. Just the lens was so big, I had a full grip on the lens with my left hand, as well as the camera on my right hand. Good grip. But feels like I'm back with DSLR...? Still quite small and light if you ask me.

I didn't have any time to test out this lens yet. I took totalling 8 photos, 4 of them being my baby sleeping on changing table. And one was this shot of my desk while I was sitting on my chair.


It's crazy wide! I haven't had this wide angle lens for quite a while and I was shocked how wide it was..!

I'd like to put this lens to a test soon. Maybe I'll bring it out tomorrow and see how well it performs. What I'd like to try is some long exposure but I don't have filter adapter for my cokin filter set. Why didn't I think of buying it when I bought the lens, I don't know.

Below is just another bonus shot of, say, maxed out fuji kit.