Photographers' Phone? Nokia Lumia 1020 / by lukeleenz

LukeLeePhotography-0001-2 41mp phone is something I just cannot let go. Had to try out myself.

When I was young, Nokia was pretty much everybody's phone. Indestructible, very customizable by changing covers, long long lasting battery and the popular snake game. But I never had a chance to get one myself. When everyone was after a bar type phones, I was after folding phones. When everyone was after folding phones, I was after bar type phones. I just never followed the trend. Bit different when the smartphone age started. I started with iPhone and moved on to Android and am still planning to keep Android.

But, 41megapixel man... It's image is actually bigger than the images from Nikon D800! Not that it's anywhere near the quality of D800, it's just that big. Good thing? Because the image is so huge, and you will never need that big image in the phone anyway, you get to either crop or resize. Meaning you will be compressing quite a bit of noise, which is pretty bad in this sensor size.



Phone itself is very well built. Very nice feel of the plastic and smooth front and back. It sucks a bit I can't have it sitting on the desk flat because of the camera lens bulge at the back. But the quality is amazing. Sound is also great considering speaker's only at the bottom of the phone. Nowhere near the sound quality of HTC One, but it's good. Windows OS is smooth. Tile layout is quite attractive and easy to use, just not enough information compared to Android, and harder to navigate around to toggling settings.

Still playing with the phone. I just got an update of the camera app and now I can take DNG format RAW files. I've set it up, but haven't moved any files yet. I thought the phone would upload DNG files to OneDrive (ex-SkyDrive) but it only uploads resized JPGs. Sucks.

I better have a look at options again. Still struggling but it's fun.