Lumopro LP180 / by lukeleenz

Switching from Nikon to rather minority brand meant giving up few things, lighting for one. As previous Nikon user, I always loved shooting with SB800 and SB900. I did quite a bit of off camera flash photography and loved trying out. However, I have to admit, I got quite lazy and started using TTL more and more. If you stick to automatic too long, you forget how the mechanism works. Just like driving an automatic car instead of manual, or riding scooter instead of motorbike.

So, when Fujifilm gears became my main gears, I ran into a trouble because their TTL flash was, well, terrible. It sucked big time. While I already own a Fujifilm flash EF-42, it is basically a re-branded Sunpak.

I went on shooting with Fujifilm EF-42 attached on top of X-T1, and found out the camera will get unresponsive until the flash is charged. You have got to be kidding right? I got so pissed off with that.

That's when I set for a venture out for a decent manual flash.

Enter Lumopro.


I found this flash from one of the blogs I visit regularly. It was in a street photographers bag. You know, one of those "what's in my bag" thing. Design looked decent enough, so I looked around and ended up finding a review from David Hobby, the strobist. After reading his raving review, I didn't have to think twice. LukeLeePhotography-0002

It's got pretty much all I need. Powerful flash pop. Easy lock on hot shoe just like Nikon SB900. Rugged build. 4 different ways of triggering the flash when off camera. And, even a metal screw thread for tripod stand screw.

So I got this flash on my clamp. Beautiful. Couldn't do this before unless I used plastic flash stand with plastic thread.


And Pop



I don't have the right cable yet. (I know I have it, just didn't have time to look for it yet) So I just triggered using optical slave trigger. Got X-T1's bundled tiny flash down to -2 power and covered with my hand. And Pop. I didn't realise my room was so dusty but at least the flash is doing a great job.

I think I'll be into off camera flash photography once again.

Oh, by the way, this isn't the only flash I've ordered...!