leather camera strap / by lukeleenz

LukeLeePhotography-0001-2 I don't use camera strap that much these days, but if I'm just taking a camera and a lens, I need something to hold on to the camera. Strap is pretty good for that purpose.

I don't use original camera straps that comes with the camera though. It doesn't have any uniqueness and screams out to the people what camera you are using.

Leather camera strap is what I wanted. I fell in love with leather stuff since I started using Holdfast Gear's Moneymaker strap.

I've been browsing around and somehow I found this small company called maru the circle brand. Most of all, custom engraving was what caught my eyes.

I could probably do this engraving anywhere around in the mall. There are many shops doing engraving services and they aren't all that expensive. But I wanted something that goes along with the strap's design language. That's not easy I think.

This strap is quite narrow. Perfect for light cameras, like rangefinders or mirrorless. I haven't taken it out yet, because, well, it just arrived today..!

I was going to use this strap on X100s. But I don't have that camera yet..! I will be getting one soon... Hopefully..!

Company was so personal and kind. I had a photo of the strap before it was sent so I knew what I was going to get. But nothing comes quickly in New Zealand. I had to wait quite a while to get my hands on this.

I'm taking my camera out tomorrow. It gets dark quite quickly so I may not have time to shoot any photos but I want to know how the strap will feel on my shoulder.