Godox V850 / by lukeleenz

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Lumopro's LP180 is such a great flash. But this means I need to buy another set of trigger device if I was to sync it wirelessly.

This becomes a problem because LP180 is cheap but having another set of wireless triggers means spending more money, lugging around with more stuff hanging around the flash.

Enter Godox V850 set.


I can't get them in New Zealand shops so I just bought them from ebay. Well, I could buy them in NZ if I pay more premium. Buying from ebay is cheaper. It's ridiculous. (I bought 2x flash and trigger kit set)

By the way, what makes the Godox V850 so special isn't only that it comes with easily connected wireless trigger. It's powered by proprietary li-ion battery. It's supposed to be super powerful battery equalling the power of a dozen AA batteries. Also faster charging time between the pops.

What I didn't realise was, when I connect the wireless trigger, rubber cover won't hide anywhere but just dangle around the trigger. If it gets cut off or something in the middle of the shoot... oh well, I think the flash is cheap enough to just buy one more. Not that little rubber cover thing will make big problem when triggering. Anyway, just being able to trigger the flashes all wireless, not just that, but to also control them from the transmitter unit, is just brilliant. Why didn't anyone else think of that?

Build quality? Considering the price of the 2 flashes was half of what I've paid for Nikon SB900 when it was new, quality is amazing. Beautifully built. All parts are closely put together and very tight. You wouldn't think this was such a cheap flash. Compared to Lumopro's LP180? Sorry Godox, I gotta give it to LP180. It's just like a tank, you see.


Wireless triggering works perfectly. I haven't checked triggering distance, yet. Nor have I thought of any projects to get these flashes in good use. But I checked with my X-T1, these sync perfectly up to 1/180s, which is X-T1's maximum flash sync speed.


I'm thinking of a way to put some thoughts for a personal project to be more familiar with these flashes.

Personal thought, it would be epic if something built like LP180 with all the manual sync capabilities also had a wireless trigger system like Godox. It would be the best strobist flash of all time. TTL is just a bonus. I don't use Canon or Nikon, so it's harder for me to expect any third party TTL support.

I can't believe it, now I have like 4 flashes! 1 x Fujifilm EF-42 1 x Lumopro LP180 and 2 x Godox V850

Awesome flashness!