Back on again! / by lukeleenz

20140830-18069<photo: X-T1, XF 10-24mm F4, Godox V850, and remote trigger with wifi> It has been a tough year till now.

Ever since my son was born earlier this year, I have decided to put off my advertising so I can pay more attention to the family, and have more time with the baby.

I've been juggling around the idea of getting myself back in the action, but the life and reality was holding me back.

Then I had the same advice from various people around me that, I shouldn't hold back my dream unless I'm giving it up.

So here I am back again. Back in wedding action...! Although I've kept it so quiet for so long, I will have to struggle to find new couples wanting a photographer.

Hopefully, I will meet bunch of good people again. Exciting.