Getting back on my foot again / by lukeleenz

I knew it would be crazy but ever since my boy was born, it's been really, really crazy. Everyday after I'm done with my day job, I spent all my day with the boy, giving some time for my wife to do her thing (but mostly end up cooking for dinner) and get him to bed.

And after that, if I'm not too tired, I will get about couple hours of time to catch up with my own things, checking email, get around some social networking, do some writing, look through some photos I may have taken during that month.

But, 2 hours of night everyday after work isn't enough at all. I'm mostly just sitting in my chair clicking through websites not doing really much but just hoping I'll have energy to do something.

I have lined up a few things though, and am working on number of posts all at the same time (not sure if it's good idea or not, but when it hits my head, I just start up a post and never end up finishing).

I think it will be fun project though. And I can't wait to get my head around it. It will be challenging for sure.

I still won't have enough time as my daily routine won't be changing in any near future, but I will have to get myself into gear and just start doing stuff.

Recently, I've been listening to Podcasts during the day, and it has been really inspiring for me to be more creative, more enthusiastic, more positive and just have a drive to do something that I love. And I will be kicking into it.

I know I've been quiet for so long time and this is just to give heads up to whoever's visiting, things are coming. And I've been sort of previewing on my instagram.

You are very welcome to visit my instagram as I regularly post my daily snaps. Do follow and like. It will be very appreciated.