A Package / by lukeleenz

So, as I was lying around trying to get over the hayfever. And I hear this knock on the door. Of course, New Zealand couriers don't wait for the person to come to the door, they just leave without a word.

So, you gotta be quick.


And here it is...!

Awesome package. I've had Peak Design stuff since their first product, but this, oh man... what a package!


The first thing I noticed was the material. It was nothing like I was imagining when I saw the photos and videos. It was smoother and not at all stiff as I thought it would be. Feels really good on touch.


Smartest part of all, front clip. Very tight but easy to close and open.


And of course there is the pouch.


Love at first sight man. I haven't felt this from a bag for a long, long time but this is really beautiful craftsmanship. Wearing the bag around my shoulder feels very comfortable. I've had other side bags and I still do. But this is next level stuff. It's not a classic, vintage style bag for sure, but the way it feels completely wins me over.

Now... where am I going to go wearing this?