Cup of coffee / by Luke Lee

These are a set of images taken while we were on a coffee break during engagement session.

When a couple is in love, you can feel it.

Yeah, it's easy to focus on their facial expressions, rightfully so. Many non-photographers see that if the photo doesn't include a face, it's not a photo. Coming from a family that has no relations to photography, I have been told so all the time when I was young. But, I will have to respectfully disagree now.

When a couple is in love, you can just feel it.

It's on their eyes, nose, mouth, ears... It's on their hand gestures, their slight shoulder movement. Where they put their feet. It's on their personal belongings unknowingly put by themselves without realising, they have had intention of being together.

It flows all throughout their body.

Unfortunately, I know it's not appreciated by all. I wish I can convince them otherwise. With these set of images, I can relive that moment picturing every single details of the time and how sweet it was to live through that short moment. Because, believe me, years later, you will forget this moment, until you open up your album and find these photos.

This is the reason I do this.