What photographers do when they meet / by Luke Lee

A cup of coffee to keep us going.

And talk about gears and gears and gears.... And do some test shoot on the field. What ever there is, and where ever we are.

A meet up with fellow Sony FE system photographer and talking about the gears, lenses and test out. Finally betting one what we would get next later.

It's all fun. Very interesting how our preference differs based on our shooting style. In what genre of photography we are shooting in. The best lens changes depending on our needs and our want changes, too.

In my case, as a wedding photographer, I could use a good portrait lens than anything else, where as for landscape photographers, maybe a great wide angle lens among others. For event photographers who deals with fast paced schedule with no waiting, and no second chances, fast zoom lenses a must.

All in all, no perfect system. We just make do with what we have. My current system works great, but I'm still in refining process. I don't have whole a lot of money to burn, nor do Sony have "perfect-for-everybody" lens line up.

A great coffee catch up though. A much needed refreshment from everything normal.