Hunting for snow / by Luke Lee

It didn't snow in Christchurch this year.

We promised our boy, that we will show him the snow this year. One trip we took down to Lake Tekapo in June, we missed snow, so we've been looking at weather forecast closely and got a time and location.

And we made it.

So, this is Lake Lyndon. Just on the way to Arthurs Pass. Deepest point we could get into with our car. It started to snow again so we headed down pretty soon later.

Not a lot of opening for some snow fun, so it was just looking at the white paste.

He only saw snow when he was just over 1 year old. Now he's over 2 and half, he will remember this longer. Giving my boy memorable moments is one of the happiest thing I can think of in my life now.

Probably the same to many other parents.

Of course, being out there with beautiful scenery, I would also like to venture. I would also like to take good photos and get into the nature and have a special time myself. It's getting harder and harder to do though. Family usually comes first. My boy's shouting out in the car to come back, for no reason really, just getting bored is all.

And then there was a private property opened for public so they can have fun with snow and ride slides over the hill. It was good that we have some opening so the boy could run recklessly and not run into anything dangerous, other than pile of sheep dump under the snow. It was fine until he dug up the snow and found them.