Capture camera clip system, Kirk Arca-Swiss plates, Optech uni-loop / by lukeleenz

First of all, all these stuff are quite hard to come by in New Zealand. At least I think they are. I may have missed it from local shops, but whatever.
I've been looking for a way to hold two of my cameras for a long time. I was trying all sorts of different things and I swear non of them actually worked! Now I shouldn't really be blowing the whole thing away now when I have more to show on my next post. This is meant to be only pre-show of what is to come.
Anyhow, here they are, some geeky stuff I got from all over the world (in truth, from United States only).

Capture Camera Clip System by Peak Design Ltd
Honestly, this is a brilliant idea! I couldn't wait to have it on me. Not that I am an enthusiastic athlete or sports maniac, I just wanted something that will keep my camera bump around all over my surroundings when I'm out and about.
This was brilliant. I got extra plate so I can have both my cameras with this plate. Although, I doubt I can put my Nikon D3s on this plate. Camera is too bulky to be on it (not saying this won't hold it!) It will just pop out a lot I'll have to be just as careful as I would carry it with strap.

I was wondering about this but I couldn't find anything on the web before I bought this. On the back of the plate that's supposed to go on the belt is very smooth and rounded. This will be helpful as the smooth round part of the plate it touching the body, not some flat cut metal.

It is quite amazing, how well it is built. I know that this was a kickstarter project. I wouldn't imagine to have such a well built stuff from out of that sort of websites. But then again, it could be just me. I don't take risks with those stuff so I wouldn't know anyway.

Now these are quite hard to come by in New Zealand. In case of the Capture above, they already have someone selling online in New Zealand, but I couldn't find anyone selling Kirk's stuff or Op/Tech's. For Op/tech, I think I've seen couple of stupid looking straps, that's about it.
My use of these stuff, I will have to get back on that, as my D700 is sent away for cleaning and I need at least 2 cameras to show what I was meaning to do.