start up with migraine / by lukeleenz

After 3 days of pain from 'never-experienced' migraine that hit me and blew my brain away, I've decided to start up something that's going to blow my normal brain out of my head once again.

Something that'll keep me awake from this normal daily activities and find something different, creative, and extra-ordinary.
I have to thank to the random youtube video I've watched few days ago, about finding out the actual meaning of the word extraordinary.
The word extraordinary is a word combined by 2 words, extra and ordinary. Now, ordinary means, well nothing special, nothing that stands out, etc. And extra means, more..? more something? Then, shouldn't extraordinary be something that's outstandingly normal...? Something that is so normal, it's like.... Thursday!
That got me thinking, I need to talk a bit more. Let it be myself or my lovely wife or some person from nextdoor cafe I don't know but, if it was someone other than myself, I'd look really silly and crazy. After all, it is my only brain that will understand my reasons.
Then, I need to post up a photo, at least, each day. This is to keep my focus up and heightened all the time as a photographer. I am a photographer and I won't be running away from it ever.
So here I go.
It's a bloody silly way to start up, but at least it is a step forward.