Black Rapid DR-1 DIY upgrade / by lukeleenz

I love my Black Rapid DR-1 dual strap.

I was somewhat in doubt when I first saw these straps. Then I was very lucky to see an actual photographer using it on the field. Ross Becker. He was taking archive photos in the Red Zone, Christchurch while the demolition was taking place. I was lucky enough to be working as a safety during the period, thanks to my day job (which pays me bills). That day, I made my mind to get myself one of these double straps. It served me well on many occasions of weddings and events.
I once thought of getting a slimmer version of DR-2 but I decided to stay with this wider version, it gives me very comfy shoulder even with full day 12 hour long photo shooting with dual cameras hanging around my side with 24-70N, 70-200VR lenses hanging on them.
I do, still, have a bit of grief about this strap and I think many others do the same too. By using the tripod hole at the bottom, I can no longer use tripod with ease. It's like this;
When I want to use a tripod while using this strap;
1. I use the strap's carabiner to unscrew the Connector that's under the camera.
2. I put a plate that's for my tripod head.
3. I put it on my tripod head.
Now, I don't have to say it twice how long it actually takes to do what seems like a simple easy 3 steps. Oh, how long it takes to unwind a screw and wind up a at the bottom of the camera.
I started looking up in google, and found myself an answer. An Arca Swiss clamp!
As from my previous post, I've purchased couple of small kirk enterprises' arca swiss clamps and couple of optech's uni-loops. And here is basically what I did.

I've put Black Rapid's connector to arca swiss clamp's bottom. Then I've connected it with a plate that's attached under the camera. It is sturdy as and I should feel safe about it. But knowing how clumsy I am, I decided to double the safety. It's better to be safe and sorry, so does everybody says.
I've strapped one side of uni-loop on the carabiner of the black rapid and strapped the other one on the camera's left strap loop. They are quite tight on D3s but I can still connect them no problem.
Both clamp and the uni-loop are made to hold more than enough for such camera to hang upside down, so double whelming it on the safety side should save my camera from accidentally falling onto a concrete floor (experienced before, never to do it again!).
Same setting goes on both side for my D3s and D700 on each side. I am yet to have a tripod that has Arca Swiss type ball head, which is on my next shopping list. I am just excited that now I can choose to have the cameras on my sides or on the tripod. Or on somewhere else (which I will have to spare another post to tell the whole story).