Another wedding booked / by lukeleenz

Good news for me.
Another wedding booked.
It's always great to hear that someone out there likes what I do. It took me good 10 years to get where I am now and I am honestly quite proud of myself.
Not saying I am good, but just proud how I put myself where I am now.

Not that I am a big fan of Nike, nor do I hate it... It's just what I have on today. But I gotta say, that trademark "Just Do It" is always my favourite saying. But that had nothing to do with this photo anyway. I'm just taking a shot to have 'at least' one shot a day, that actually requires some creative brain work. Well, today's failure does say a lot.
Initial thought was to have a low-key image of myself lit by one strong light. My favourite setting. But....
Error 1.
Although it is still only temporary but only background I have now is white. Unless I have a very long-deep studio, low-key will be hard to achieve.
Error 2.
AB800 is way too powerful to my single garage sized studio. At it's lowest setting, it blew away in white at iso200 1/250s f11. So just to achieve what I got above, I had to lower the setting to extreme Lo-1 (iso 100) 1/250s f16. And it was still crazy bright! Post-processing is to the win.
Error 3.
What is this, wearing a bright beige T-shirt with bright background and over-exposure light?
I know I haven't had a good time in a studio for a while now but c'mon!
That's it. Next time, I'm going outside.