This has nothing to do with sunflowers / by lukeleenz

Couple of days ago, I was driving by a house, a narrow street off the main road. I saw a house with a small front garden. Nothing really noticeable, except for these couple of HUGE, and I mean literally, HUGE sunflowers. They were just so exceptionally HUGE. I almost stopped in the middle of the road. Maybe I should have stopped and take some photos, but it was actually quite a bit of distance away from the road. I can't really jump over the fence, run in and take photo.
Then, I had lunch with a friend who I haven't seen for a long long time. She brought me a couple of flowers. Not that she was giving them to me, I'm happily married. They were actually for my wife who just had her birthday. They were couple of sunflowers.
Me and my wife went to the friends house for some social get together. Nice dinner nice talk and etc, etc. Then I look away out the window and my eyes slowly slides down to the side table next to me. And there they are. Couple of sunflowers.
This has nothing to do with sunflowers. Nor do I have special feelings or grief against them. But obviously they do to me for last couple of days. For Sure.