Road trip at work / by lukeleenz

View of Akaroa from Akaroa Heritage Park

Oh what a great day it was in Akaroa today. Of course there were some rain and bone-chilling wind and all, but hey, when do we ever not get those in New Zealand?
When I was planning for Akaroa the day before, I was so sure I will take my D700 with AF-s 24-120mm f3.5-5.6 vr lens. The lens is not the best one, but it's versatile and perfect for any sort of quick trip. I am even thinking of bringing it as a main lens on my trip to Europe late this year.
But this morning, I was packing Fuji X100 strapped by Luma Lab's (now discontinued for a sad reason) Luma Loops. The strap is great. Metal parts are indeed a little heavy and when you put it on a table and not take notice, it will slide itself off and may take your camera with you if the camera is light enough.
Thankfully, I already had enough trouble, I am quite focused when it comes to damaging my camera.
So, pleasing drive from Christchurch to Akaroa begins. All nice and cruisy. But then water starts to sprinkle across the windscreen. Oh yes. It was raining in Akaroa.
As we drove up to the hill, it was rather harsh sprinkle, we had to have our wipers on full swing. It got a little better when we got to Akaroa but still a bit harsh for me to take my camera out in the open.
In case people are wondering, I have had an issue with water damage. When I went for a tracking in Aoraki in the snow, My D3s died because of the snow storm. It rather went crazy on me and wouldn't turn itself off. It was diagnosed as heavy water damage. It was sent over to Japan to be fixed, and took me almost 2 months time. They finally fixed it by replacing 3 main boards and 3 circuit boards. I don't know the difference between main boards and circuit boards but it was basically everything electronic inside.
Anyway, I didn't wanna risk my camera again in the rain. It was light rain but it was x100. I put the strap around me and put the camera in my jacket pocket. It is an easy way to carry a small camera. It reduces the amount of weight from the shoulder and still be very quick on drawing the camera from the pocket to the shooting position.
It was after lunch time when we found out this site, Akaroa Heritage Park. If we knew, we would have had our lunch here!
It's pretty tiresome after long distance driving. It isn't really so far away but it is rather a long curvy drive. I am so beat up now. And my head is still going round and round.
Tomorrow is another easy day. First Aid course for the whole day. After tomorrow, I will be able to give mouth to mouth again! So, line up!

Rather sad news I had to find out while writing this post. Link
It is so sad that this brilliant strap will not be for sale ever again, but their new strap cinch looks just as brilliant. But I can't justify myself for another strap, I love my black rapid strap enough to not get another one... yet.