Day out with Capture clip system / by lukeleenz

Since I've purchased this Capture Clip system, I haven't had a job yet. one coming up this weekend, but, until then, all I can do is basically just use it during the casual days and find out how it will fit me.
So here I am testing it out on a casual day out to the city. I had it on my belt. A little to the front where from their website, it is an optimal position to have when putting it up on the belt.
I've shot some photos of myself using my mobile phone just to see how it actually holds my camera. It feels quite sturdy, although, I wouldn't want to use any casual dress belt, rather camera belt system. It does hold quite a bit of weight on it when it's clipped, the belt sort of gets pulled out. If the belt is brand new (or newish) leather belt, you may want to clip the Capture somewhere else. Like backpack strap or even sidebag strap. I don't think the Capture will come loose from the belt, but I do think the belt itself may come loose in the end.
Which is why I'm trying to get a Think Tank Photo's belt this time. Another gear on my wish list...!
It seems to hold well on my belt though.
My belt IS pretty thick and sturdy one. It is quite new but I think it's strong enough. When it is held in the front part of my belt, just by the belt clip, The camera leans towards my crouch and sits there comfortably.

It isn't so hard to pick up the camera and start shooting. I do, however, need two hands to safely take the camera out of the holster though. I could do it with one hand but I won't feel safe at all.
It's quite comfortable while driving too. There is a little bit of restriction in movement I guess. But I have my seat quite laid down and close to the pedal. Camera sits nicely and it doesn't move much. It can be a little distracting but it's only matter of time to get used to the camera's position. If I was to have my camera in this position while driving, it will help out dramatically if I loose some fat on my stomach!