Wedding day - Angie & Steven / by lukeleenz

Another wedding day has passed. Another great day. Yeah, the weather could have been better. I mean stormy rain and wind doesn't really help when it comes to outdoor photo shooting. But we just make do whatever we have. Also, I was always looking for a chance to have some crazy wedding, like in the rain, concept wedding photo sessions, etc. 
And yea it was the first time I've used my modified blackrapid strap with kirk plate + Capture clip system. And I have to say that, I loved both settings on me.

Whenever I was shooting, I would sling it away and around me so I can have immediate access to the cameras. But when I'm off shooting or doing something else or just standing until my turn to shoot comes again, it was so much easier to hang it on the capture clip. It took extra weight off the shoulders and made my job much easier.
I've just downloaded the photos now so I don't have anything to show from the wedding. But here is a cute photo of Chloe when she was resting after 'smack-on-the-hand' incident.