it's good to have a protection / by lukeleenz

It's always good to have a protection.
This saying goes to pretty much everything... everything you can think of. whatever that is.
In my case, protection, I was saved by "this" protection, saved two of my cameras from different occasions.

My x100 LCD was being protected by Giottos LCD protection glass. I don't know exactly what happened but something happened. In my bag...! Silly me had to put the camera inside my bag without any cover or partition... Broke the glass of the LCD protector. Saved my camera though. As heartbroke as I was - to replace the protector, going all the trouble again - I was so gracious that I didn't scratch the actual screen.
That gaffer tape on the side is only to block blinking light when file is being saved to the memory card. It's so distracting!

Recent damage.
My D700 was being protected by GGS glass protector. I was putting stuff in the back of the car. As I opened the door, camera slipped off of my hand and fell freely. Thanks to my quick reflection, I pulled my knee out to stop it from falling. But the camera was stuck between my knee and the car door frame. Sad thing is, it was stuck where the locking mechanism is on the door frame. The metal bit on the lock pushed its sharp edge towards my camera's lower LCD resulting a major pressure to the protector. It gave a chunk of protector shattered and broke the glass all the way to two other edges.
From both incidents, I would like to believe that, the protectors did their jobs. And did it well to save my precious gears.
But, to be honest, I thought they'd be stronger than that......