Importance of Reading a Manual / by lukeleenz

I, personally, have never read a manual when I bought something new. Especially when it comes to photographic gears. I figured, I've had enough play time with photo gears including cameras of different brands. I know most of the names they use for same technologies (but different patents).
I thought I was good enough to know what's wrong when something unexpected happens.
But this, Pocket Wizard, made me look stupid.
I currently have two of Pocket Wizard's FlexTT5 for Nikon. I used to have a miniTT1 also, but I didn't like the idea of having a coin battery handy when I could just carry bulk lot of AA rechargeable batteries. Also, coin batteries are not rechargeable.
So, I was at home testing out my gears like usual, trying to make a boring normal day exciting a little more. But I just couldn't get my flash to sync with the camera! I checked both FlexTT5's firmware, reset their settings, change the batteries, swap around and everything I could think of.
I've checked million different websites but all they were saying was that, it's faultless. That it's so bloody easy to use, all I have to do is just put them on, turn them on and shoot away. Well it wasn't working for me!!
So I've checked more and more. Finally got myself to Pock Wizard's website. It maybe the first website I should have checked... but anyway..!
All the manuals and troubles.... I got myself to trouble shootings section. And there, I found a valuable information which I should have known long time ago.
Order of turning on the devices....!
Assuming you've already connected all pocket wizards to the flash(s) and camera(s).
1. Turn on the flash
wait 3-4 secs
2. Turn on the pocket wizards
wait 3-4 secs
3. Turn on the camera
wait 3-4 secs
The point was to wait 3-4 secs between each steps to have them warmed up for connection...! Nothing more.
And yea I've tried like they said... on, wait, on, wait, on wait....
And after few moments past... I've shot away and BAM! It works.
Stupid.... yet, some of the impatient photographers out there might have had the same thing and thought "ah, my pocket wizards are broken!" so here you go.
And had a test shot to make sure all my gears were working great, I shot my wife before she took all laundry back inside.
Named; The Laundry Woman - a.k.a. mad wife (for not helping)