Sound of Friendship / by lukeleenz

Backstage "Preparation"

I love it when an opportunity comes. I love it when it comes with a huge scream so I won't miss it. It's such an easy choice to make the right one when it's screaming out loud.

Korea and New Zealand has been in partnership for 50 years now (apparently) and this was a big event created by both countries (or so I'd like to believe). A team called Gongmyoung led by 4 individuals using various musical instruments and sometimes not even musical ones to make a harmony and create something awesome and beautiful. Name of the event was "Sound of Friendship". Colour of the event was very Korean but also very modern.

In my perspective, this is what New Zealand lacks. The country is so young, it's having hard time itself maintaining it's origin. It doesn't have time to mix or blend with old and new culture. It doesn't have much to mix... or blend.

This was a great experience for me and also a great opportunity both for me and for Kiwis. I love it when it comes out loud. I loved it as I was the main, and only photographer dedicated to the 2 hour long show.

And to think... the event was free..! FREE!!