stage shooting / by lukeleenz

Every year, I get a chance to shoot photos of high school kids doing their events at church, called "Night of Ebenezer". It's not much but a great opportunity for me to practice low light, stage shooting. This year was no different than others. I actually had other job in line on the same day but got cancelled.

I thought I'd try something different and give a little bit of spice in images. Above was one of them. Yes, it did involve heavy post-processing, but I assure you it was all planned out even before shooting!

And here's another one.

Lighting is always not the best and mixture of different colour temperature is always a challenge to work out white balance. So, every time, I end up manually setting white balance in post-processing.

Rapidly changing lights are another challenge. When the spotlights are full on, they are way too bright, then here comes red filter and it stops down quite a bit and then without noticing the change of lighting, spotlights go away to light someone else.

But it's all about fun and I am only volunteering. Great practice for me. Oh, and did I mention, fun?