spirit of travel photographer / by lukeleenz

I am married. I have a wife who loves me. I have a day job that pays for my basic needs, although my heart and soul lives with photography. I have a house with mortgage. I am paying my taxes and living my life as my parents or friends, relatives would be expecting to normal people. We are doing quite well. We don't make good money or have a fancy house, great car or anything. But we are doing quite well.

But I have a wonder. Am I doing right really? Am I supposed to live life like this? Ever since I was just a kid, I always dreamt myself wondering in unfamiliar places meeting strangers. I love just looking around the strange people, atmosphere. I was never a stranger to the places I go.

I love travel. I am just biting my lips until my next paid leave I've applied for, so I can finally enjoy the excitement of preparing and packing again. Even now, as I am waiting for my first trip in August, I am already planning for another trip. This is crazy.

I need to be out there. I need to be free.