Garden wedding. On a fine day / by lukeleenz

20121117-0001 Ok, when I woke up in that morning, it rained. Quite heavily. The couple and I were quite worried the whole week and making a plan B just in case if it rains as it was forecasted.

The ceremony was scheduled at 3PM in the park. Then the heavy rain started to slow down from like 2:30PM. Amazing!



The day turned out to be a very, very nice day. It was actually too nice. Making it harder for us to stand in the scorching sun. I mean, who would believe it rained only like half an hour ago!?


The ceremony was done as it was scheduled and there was no need for plan B. Well, it rained again as we walked into the reception, so I guess they needed a plan B...?

Congrats to Gina and Ross!