Hi there,

Thanks for your interest.
My name is Luke Lee, and I am a photographer. I started as a photographer with pure joy and passion back in year 2000 or there about. Since 2009, I started to offer my photography service to the newly weds, and did approximately 10 weddings per year since then. I think 10 weddings a year is just enough number for me to keep positive and motivated.
This page is all about what I offer for your wedding day. I will try and keep it as detailed as possible but anything unclear or missed out, you are always welcome to hit me with questions.

One thing I have to point out beforehand, my style of photography is documentary. To put it in easy terms, less interruptions and more blend ins. Of course, I will work with your friends and family to work for group photos and some posings, but most of the day, I will try to blend in as much as possible and take photos of your day's candid moments. I believe the best photos I can offer comes from natural moments where I had least involvement.

I also know some people wants their photographer to step in and instruct them for, say photogenic moments. If this is you, I may not be suitable for you. Of course, I do offer advise and instructions, but only to where they're necessary. 

Time & Pricing

To keep it as basic as possible, I offer my wedding photography package in one simple term.
I will stay and photograph for approximately 10 hoursgive or take depends on how the day goes. Usually - photography wise - 10 hours is enough to cover from bridal party preparation to first dance in reception. However, it is quite normal that things go not as planned and either gets cut short or get delayed. I am happy to discuss in details and work with whatever time schedule you have.

As simple as the time I offer, there is a simple, single pricing option, NZ $,1000 for your full day, with 10% of the full price required as a deposit for locking in your date. Deposit will be non-refundable. Rest of the money can be paid anytime after then. If your payment gets delayed, you just have to let me know. I will hold on to your photos until the full payment is made.

The package will include full resolution photos in JPG format in USB stick. You will have approximately 400+ photos of your wedding day. Each will be looked at and colour corrected by myself. I do not offer any photoshop manipulations. I'd like to keep it as natural as possible. This whole process will take roughly 2 weeks time. Guaranteed 3 weeks maximum. I know, I have fast hands. And an advantage of doing no more than 10 weddings a year.

Unfortunately, I cannot offer albums at this time, sorry. I am looking into options but it has been a painful process.

Other stuff

If you require me to stay for your reception, I will need your confirmation whether you can provide my meal or not. It will be a long day for me as it will be for you, so if you're not able, I will have to make a plan beforehand. I don't really need table set for me as most caterers are happy to help me hide away for a meal. This will also be my break time as guests are enjoying their meals.

Well, there isn't much to say more really, until I know more about your plan of the day.

I've been doing wedding photography a while now, and it has got me in some very interesting times and places. Did a small family wedding of 10 guests then a massive one up at 400, heavy rain throughout the outdoor ceremony, winter wedding in lake Tekapo with snowy mountains as a backdrop, fed raw steaks to tigers and lions, and so on and so on... I'm not saying your wedding should be spectacular or crazy, but I'm sure you will have your own precious moments. I will be happy to capture those moments. Let's find out what your story will be like...?